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Programming Skills

I was first introduced to coding in C in the 11th Grade, followed by C++ and basic Linux in 12th Grade. I was hooked instantly and have since programmed in various other languages.


Today, I am proficient in JavaScript and Java and as part of my coursework in college, I have also programmed in:

  • C/C++ (Intro. to Programming),

  • R (Machine Learning),

  • Python (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, & Computer Vision), and

  • MIPS Assembly Language (Computer Architecture).

App Development

I have been developing Android apps since 2018 as side projects and have since published my first app, Brain trainer: Mental Math, on the Google Play Store.


I am also close to completing an Android App Development course from Udemy to further improve my skills.​ Other courses I have/am taking on Udemy include: Ethical Hacking, React Native, Python, & Data Science.

Senior Year Project

First introduced to it in my Senior Year, my team & I had to develop a cross platform React Native app for the Erik Jonsson School at UT Dallas.

The app, Jonsson Connect, is currently available on the

Play Store and App Store.

Web Development Projects

In addition to numerous mini-projects during and after my time at UT Dallas, I have worked on two major projects to further improve my web development skills.

In November 2019, I completed development on an Order Tracking & Management System for Manav Sourcing & Consultancy Services (MSCS). The system was developed so that employees at MSCS could create and manage various aspects of current, future, and past orders. Some of the basic features that the system offers are:

  • Basic CRUD operations,

  • Change History,

  • Information sorting within tables,

  • User authentication, and

  • Multiple levels of user access.

In April 2019, I completed development on my second website on Github. Although simple, I frequently update that website to showcase my latest mini-projects. Currently, the website includes access to a game of Rock Paper Scissors and a game of Hand Cricket - both of which are hosted on Google's Firebase.

You can get to the site by clicking on "Git Site" from the menu or by clicking on the button below!

Extra Curriculars

During my time at Collin College and UT Dallas, I took part in numerous extra curricular activities. These activities helped me improve my leadership skills, communication skills, and decision making skills to name a few. They also helped increase my awareness of real issues that affect people across the world and how I can help fix them.


A short list of some of the events I attended or took part in are listed below:

  • Helped with Voter Registration

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Collin EDGE Race

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Day

  • Veteran's Day Display Set-up

  • Student Government Association Meetings

  • Student Leadership Camps (x2)

  • Strengths Quest

  • Engineering Week

  • Leadership in the Movies

  • Student Leadership Workshop

  • Ropes Courses

  • Poverty Simulation

  • Make a Difference Day - Repaint a home with Habitat for Humanity

  • IEEE Software Testing Competition

  • Front End Web Development Workshop

  • Cultivating Scholars - presentation

Honor Societies & Scholarships

I transferred from Collin College to The University of Texas at Dallas with a GPA of 3.88/4.0 in 2017 and graduated from UT Dallas in 2019 with Latin Honors thanks to my GPA of 3.66/4.0

As a result of my good grades, I was invited to join several honor societies during my time at Collin College & UT Dallas. After much thought about what they offered, I joined two well-known honor societies with chapters on campuses across the United States:

Phi Theta Kappa


National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Once I became a member of these honor societies, I applied for some scholarships that I was eligible for. As a result, I won Phi Theta Kappa's Global Leaders of Promise Scholarship of $1000 in September, 2016.

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